YARD (Youth Activity Resilience Development) Program


Jul 20 - Aug 26


Chilliwack Secondary School @ the back field, 46361 Yale Rd, Chilliwack, BC, Canada, V2P 2P8




The Youth Activity Resilience Development Program (YARD) help youth in grades 5-10 develop interpersonal and interpersonal skills and learn to develop and maintain relationships and friendships in self-isolation, as well as helping them to transition from elementary into middle school and middle into secondary school, through participation in social-distanced and sanitary activities specifically chosen to promote mindfulness, communication and resilience. Morning period (10:00-12:30) is reserved for youth grades 5-7, with age-appropriate activities planned. Afternoon period (1:30-4:00) is reserved for youth grades 8-10, with age-appropriate activities planned for them as well.

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