Tim Hortons Camp Day


Aug 12


Tim Hortons Locations across Canada, Canada




Camp Day is Wednesday, August 12, and is the largest annual fundraiser for the Tim Hortons® Foundation Camps.

It’s the one day each year when Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners donate 100% of their hot coffee and iced coffee sales to the Tim Hortons® Foundation Camps who send local youth from disadvantaged circumstances to one of seven Camps across North America.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps launched Tims eCamp. This all-new, online camp experience focuses on supporting youth emotionally, socially and developmentally through this challenging time.

You can donate $2 and receive a Camp Day bracelet available in four vibrant colors: red, blue, green, or orange.

Guests can Round Up their order, with the balance of the dollar going towards the Tim Hortons® Foundation

Make a one-time or monthly donation online any time at www.timscamps.com

In 2019, Camp Day raised more than $12.3 Million for the Tim Hortons® Foundation Camps.

1 in 5 youth grow up in poverty, and when youth grow up in disadvantaged circumstances, the chances
increase that the cycle of poverty is repeated, and their ability decreases to develop necessary skills to
become successfuladults.

Over the past four decades, the Tim Hortons® Foundation Camps have helped more than 295,000 youth from
disadvantaged circumstances change their stories for the better.

Every Camp Day donation counts. Whether you buy a hot or iced coffee on August 12th at your local Tim Hortons® or make an online donation, you’re helping to change a kid’s life.

Tim Hortons® Foundation Camps supports kids from disadvantaged circumstances between the ages of 12 to 16 during the most vulnerable time of their lives when they are determining who they will become as adults.

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