Peter Pan


Dec 8


Chilliwack Cultural Centre at HUB International Theatre, 9201 Corbould Street, Chilliwack, BC, Canada, V2P 4A6


Chilliwack Arts and Cultural Society



Expanding on J.M. Barrie’s treasured classic in a fun new direction, DuffleBag Theatre invites audience members up on stage to be stars of the show. Wendy Darling, who is disheartened to learn that she’s growing too old to stay in the nursery much longer, is swept up into a magical world when a daring young boy named Peter Pan flies her off to Neverland where she can stay young forever. Dufflebag Theatre takes you on a magical trip to the land where magic pixies, charming pirates and talking trees abound! Join Peter Pan as he battles his arch-nemesis Captain Hook, in an exhilarating adventure that will make even grown-ups feel like kids again!


All Seats $12

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