Lisa and Kenny are giving WILD WEEKLY SPECIALS at Produce Gone Wild! Every week, during the morning show, they’ll tell you two new specials that you’ll be able to get at either of the two Produce Gone Wild locations – 45735 Alexander Avenue and 7481 Vedder Road.

You’ll be able to see these discounts for the week on the Star 98.3 Facebook page, as well!

Have you ever wondered how to grow an avocado from a pit? Lisa and Kenny are going to show you the process – and then you can keep watching…and watching…and watching…as their avocado seeds slooooooooooowly sprout and grow!

They’ll keep them on display in the studio on the window ledge so you can stop by and talk to the avocado seeds from the other side of the window! We hear that helps them a lot – and so does listening to music – so they should totally grow big and strong while in the Star 98.3 studio, right?

Get all of the WILD WEEKLY SPECIALS at Produce Gone Wild and updates on the growth and progress of their avocado seeds on facebook!

There is no winner here, well, except for you because you’ll get discounts at Produce Gone Wild – and also, whoever’s avocado thrives the best!