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Scott Riley and Lisa Stevens

Scott & Lisa's Rewind: Christian's Field Trip Bottle Drive

Originally Aired: June 3, 2019

Scott & Lisa’s Rewind: Christian’s Field Trip Bottle Drive

Christian and his teacher Yvonne stopped by to visit this morning. Christian attends Central Elementary and his class is planning a field trip to Bowen Island. While he won't be going on this particular trip, Christian wanted to do something to help his classmates make it there. He has started a bottle drive to raise money for the trip. Brian from Griffin Security helped transport bags of donations to the Chilliwack Bottle Depot in their truck and his family moved donations in their car over the weekend. Have a listen and drop off your donations, if you can, to help the kids in th Grade 4/5 class get to Bowen Island. Details can be heard here, in our chat. Star Mornings powered by Baker Newby LLP.