Meet Woody!

Woody was brought to the Chilliwack SPCA shelter as a stray and is approximately 13 years old.  Woody does have a tattoo in his ear, but unfortunately it didn’t lead anywhere for reuniting him with his previous family. The tattoo is part of how they are able to determine his age.

Woody is one of the nicest cats they have ever had in care. He is always a gentleman and loves to be around people.  Woody enjoys nothing more than a good snuggle session. He is not overly active. Likes to spend a lot of his time laying in the windowsill watching the world go by, however he does have moments when he he feels like a kitten and likes to play around the house.  Because Woody is so easy going he would make a  great addition for any type of household.

Woody has had blood work, x-rays and a urinalysis done and everything has come back great.  Woody does need a dental cleaning and he is scheduled for that on June 10.  Woody is currently in a foster home while he is  waiting for his dental, he will need to stay there for a day or two to recover before he goes to his new home. You can find his information and adoption form on the Chilliwack SPCA website.

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