Mayor’s Statement

June 3, 2020


I don’t feel I have the right words to describe all the emotions that washed over me after the news of George Floyd’s murder by a police officer in Minnesota last week. The knowledge that this is not an isolated incident but an example of systemic, widespread racism has shaken me to my core and left me asking what I can do to make a difference. While much of the media coverage focuses on the United States, we know racism continues in Canada and even in Chilliwack, and we need to stand together against it.


Chilliwack is growing more diverse and being a more inclusive community is very important to me. Being able to participate in the Mayor’s Task Force on Inclusiveness, Diversity and Accessibility is exciting, because I know that learning from people with lived experience will help me better understand what needs to change locally. I will use my role as Co-Chair to listen, to make marginalized and oppressed voices heard and make changes to build an equitable and inclusive community.


If you’ve been wondering how you can make a difference, I encourage you to learn something new about minority groups in Chilliwack and the rest of Canada. For example, the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation have numerous resources available online.


It’s time to have those uncomfortable conversations about racism. It’s past time that we listen to those who haven’t been heard and extend kindness to everyone. Be kind, respectful and curious. When we stop and listen to one another, we have the opportunity to gain new perspectives. This way, I hope we can move forward together as a stronger, more diverse community.


Mayor Ken Popove

Chilliwack, BC