This handsome boy is named Angus.

Angus is approximately  4 years old and was brought in to the Chilliwack SPCA as a stray.  Angus was caught in one of the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release program) group traps.  Apparently Angus had been hanging around  a feral cat colony, fighting with the other males and looking for females to mate with.

When a very friendly cat like Angus enter one of the TNR traps, they come to the shelter. The SPCA holds them for the mandatory 4 day stray hold. In Angus’s case, his stray hold was done at the vet clinic. He required surgery to repair some nasty wounds on his body from fighting with other cats/animals. He had a broken canine that needed to be removed, an eye infection, as well as neutered and shaved in some places to remove some heavy matting.

As mentioned, Angus is a very friendly, affectionate cat, however he doesn’t like to be forced to do things he doesn’t (like getting his eye meds). Angus will let you know he has had enough by swatting you away with a front paw, but he never uses any claws, and is very gentle.

Angus would appreciate being the only cat in the household, he wouldn’t do well with dogs either.  Due to how large Angus, it is recommended that he be in a home with older children. A home with some type of outdoor access that will still be able to keep him contained while fulfilling the need he has to be outside would be ideal.

You can contact the Chilliwack SPCA through their website, look for the cat adoption drop down to express interest in Angus…or give them a call and leave a message at 604-823-6612.

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