As we head into another weekend, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of something important Dr. Bonnie Henry said yesterday. She has asked all of us to avoid non-essential travel, even within our province. She explained that most smaller communities do not have the capacity within their health care systems to accommodate any additional people at this time.


For many people in the Lower Mainland, Chilliwack and the surrounding back country is a place people like to come for outdoor recreation. We hope that everyone will take Dr. Henry’s suggestion to stay home seriously and leave our parks and trails for Chilliwack residents. At the same time, I encourage our residents to stay within Chilliwack. Now is not the time to visit Cultus Lake, Manning Park or other nearby recreation areas.


I know it is difficult to limit travel when we are used to having the freedom to roam our beautiful province, but please follow the directions of the provincial health officer and stay home.


Mayor Ken Popove

Chilliwack, BC