This is Coco and he is a 6 month old Mini Lop.  Mini Lops stay relatively small and have a very sweet nature, which makes them a great pet for anyone.

Coco is very well socialized, litter box trained and loves to zoom around and explore all of his surroundings.   In his previous home Coco was a free running bunny and had never spent any time in a cage.  The Chilliwack SPCA is asking for Coco’s new family to let him have lots of time to run around in a rabbit proof room, as well as supervised time outside in an x-pen (as rabbits have many predators).

Rabbits are easy feeders, they just need a nutritious diet consisting of rabbit pellets and a small amount of fresh greens daily. They also require lots of love and daily snuggles to thrive.  Coco has been vaccinated for RHD ( Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease) will be neutered soon and he will also be tattooed and microchipped.

If you’d like to meet/adopt Coco, please contact the Chilliwack SPCA at 604-823-6612.

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