This beautiful little girl is Anzac.  Anzac was surrendered to the Chilliwack SPCA as her previous owner is dealing with some health issues and can no longer care for her.  Anzac is 9 years old and is a Rat Terrier.  Anzac has only ever lived with her one senior owner and two cats, she is very gentle, but quite shy and would take some time and patience for her to warm up to her new guardians.

The best home for Anzac would also be a home with an older person/couple, another dog or cat would also be good , however they have heard that Anzac is very nervous of children and can sometimes react badly to them.

Anzac is in a foster home as she will be having a dental done soon,  however we welcome any phone calls with any questions or we can also set up a meet and greet for people to come and meet her!

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