December 9, 2019 –The Abbotsford Police Foundation (APF) is pleased to announce that it has funded a new AbbyPD initiative in support of the Abbotsford Police Department’s K9 handlers and their
partners who work on the Lower Mainland District Integrated Police Dog Service Unit (LMD IPDS) – and benefit the beloved four-legged members of our K9 unit.

The Abbotsford Police Foundation has announced funding for four lightweight armoured protection vests for the four police dogs that serve with the AbbyPD. The ‘K9 Street Fighter vest’ is used by law enforcement and Special Forces K9 teams globally. The vests cost approximately $1,700 each so the total grant is $6,800. Abbotsford Police Foundation President Kevin Boonstra says, “We are pleased to announce funding for this important equipment. And on behalf of our board of directors we’d like to acknowledge and thank the Abbotsford Community Foundation and the Mary Victoria Wakefield Animal Welfare Fund* for their generous grant of $3,000 that will go toward the purchase of the K9 Kevlar vests.”

AbbyPD Chief Constable Mike Serr notes “Police Dog Teams are highly valuable assets to policing. There are countless examples of Police Service Dogs that have saved lives, located missing kids and tracked to apprehend violent criminals evading arrest. These vests help ensure our four-legged members remain active and healthy during their service life.” Serr went on to say “while it is impossible to put a value on the dog and how it helps keep the City safe the estimated cost to breed, purchase, train and maintain a validated police dog can be upward of $80,000 per dog. On behalf of the entire Department and in particular the LMD IPDS I’d like to thank the Abbotsford Police Foundation, the Abbotsford Community Foundation and the Mary Victoria Wakefield Animal Welfare Fund for their generous support.”

There are currently four AbbyPD dog handlers assigned the Lower Mainland Integrated Police Dog Service Unit. Active dogs serving with AbbyPD handlers: PSD Jero # 1091 and PSD Karma # 1093. Retired dogs: RPSD Deuce #913, RPSD Koda #905 and RPSD Duke #925.

The APF helps connect police with community, create positive relationships and fund engaging programs including specialized equipment for the AbbyPD. Each year the APF receives grant applications from police members for a range of initiatives. Applications approved by Chief Constable Mike Serr are forwarded to the APF for consideration. Specialized equipment funded in recent years includes a drone and Gator – two important tools that help AbbyPD officers keep Abbotsford safe. To learn about AbbyPD programs the Abbotsford Police Foundation supports, to see your generosity at work; or to donate so the APF can continue to support important AbbyPD initiatives visit us online at

*The fund is named for Mary Victoria Wakefield and was set up in honour of her love of animals and her devotion to their care. Grants are awarded to those who meet the selection criteria and have the greatest impact on communities in and around Abbotsford.

About the APF: Established in 2005, the Abbotsford Police Foundation (APF) is a charitable organization funding Abbotsford Police Department (AbbyPD) community programs that are not covered by its operating budget. The AbbyPD cannot directly receive financial contributions; however the APF is a trusted, practical way for the community to help support the work of Abbotsford Police, enhancing public safety. In accordance with their Donation Policy the APF provides a charitable receipt for every qualified donation over $100.

Image of ‘K9 Street Fighter Vest’: provided by the APF/ Photo Credit: Dale Klippenstein Photography. (Pictured Above: PSD Karma #1903)

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