This morning I got in to work and saw a message from a local mom. Her teenage daughter has been in and out of BC Children’s Hospital this summer. They’ve also spent time (and will continue to stay for a couple of months) at Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver.

Without going into details, she’s fighting cancer and has lots of treatments still ahead of her.  Mom (Christine) said that letters of encouragement would really help brighten the days ahead for her daughter (Samantha). She has to be in bed a lot, watches TV and plays on her phone but doesn’t have energy to do much else.


The Star 98.3 crew is writing notes, and we’d love it if you did too!


Mom said you can send them here:

Samantha Frank

Ronald McDonald House

4567 Heather St.

Vancouver, BC V5Z 0C9


Have a great day! – Lisa

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