The Business Excellence Awards recognizes outstanding organizations and individuals in Abbotsford that strive for excellence in our community.

Nominations are now open for the 2019 Business Excellence Awards

Fill out an online nomination form or stop by the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce to pick up one Business Excellence Award recipients are Leaders in their industry with a commitment to Customer Service, a concern for the Community, and a passion for Innovation.


We have 14 exciting categories that are open for Nominations:

Home Based Business: This award honours a licensed, home operated business where the proprietor experiences the rewards and challenges of operating a business from their home.

Tourism: Awarded to a hospitality-tourism business or organization that provides exemplary service, products, or attractions to Abbotsford visitors.

Manufacturing: Awarded to an Abbotsford manufacturer or producer, big or small, operating in any industry sector.

Agriculture and Agri-Business: This award recognizes excellence in the Agriculture and Agri-Business sector. The recipient is an agricultural-focused business that consistently demonstrates achievement in the area of their business focus.

Consumer Services: This award recognizes a company that provides services in the business-to-consumer sector.

Business Services: This award recognizes a company that provides services in the business-to-business sector.

U40 Entrepreneur: Awarded to an outstanding entrepreneurial individual, age 40 or under. The recipient has demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial skills in building their own business, or as part of an existing business.

Non-Profit: This award recognizes excellence in the Non-Profit sector. Open to any organization that is a not for profit organization, society, or charity dedicated to making a difference within the sphere of their stated goals and objectives.

Dave Holmberg Memorial Award: This award was created to recognize the achievements of individuals that work tirelessly, passionately and collectively to help make change happen in our community.

New Business of the Year: Awarded to a business established within the last 3 years in Abbotsford, that has demonstrated outstanding characteristics in key areas of business performance measurements.

Corporate Social Responsibility: This award recognizes an organization that demonstrates awareness and responsibility for the impacts of its business practices; decisions and activities on society, the community and the environment and shared value for all stakeholders.

Established Business of the Year: The recipient demonstrates a high degree of professionalism and performance in key measures of business success.

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