On May 11th at approximately 10:30pm, the Chilliwack Fire Department was alerted to a
report of a barn fire in the 7900 block of Old Orchard Rd. Fire crews from Halls 1, 3, 4, 5 and
6 responded to the scene and upon arrival discovered a barn structure heavily involved in
fire and beginning to collapse.
Crews were challenged by a long driveway into the scene and implemented a water shuttle
system to support fire crews on scene. Crews had to combat several small grass fires that
ignited and were able to successfully contain these fires before they were able to spread.
A few hours later at approximately 3:30am on May 12th, crews were alerted to a report of a
structure fire at a residence in the 44000 block of South Sumas Rd. Fire crews from Halls 1,
3, 4, and 6 responded and upon arrival discovered flames and smoke at the rear of a single
family detached home. Firefighters established a water supply and were able to quickly
contain the fire.
There were no civilian or firefighter injuries reported as a result of these two fires.
Both of these fires are currently under investigation by Chilliwack Fire Department Officials.