Every year, the Chilliwack Giants host over 120 athletes of all ages at Spring Camp. This year will be even better! On May 26, they will be hosting the annual Spring Camp for ALL kids ages 5-15 looking to learn about football through fantastic drills, games and just plain fun. There will be food, prizes, games! Who wouldn’t want to be there? This isn’t just a camp for kids who have played football previously. This is a camp for any kid who wants to learn what it is about, wants to have a great time, and meet new friends. We encourage kids from all over the valley to attend. We want to celebrate sports, teamwork, friendship.

There are tons of volunteers who support this event to make it as special as possible. One thing we are most proud of is the older athletes and coaches coming and volunteering their time to run drills and be mentors. This is so key to the younger player development. If you are looking for something for your kids to do, consider registering them for this camp! 

For more information, check out www.chilliwackgiants.com 

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