This is Boog, our pet of the week.  Boog was surrendered to the Chilliwack SPCA due to the owner having allergies.  He is 5 years old and extremely overweight, weighing just over 10 KG.

Boog has strictly been an indoor cat his whole life and would like to continue this. He gets easily frightened of loud noises and probably wouldn’t know what to do outside or how to keep himself safe. Boog has been around other cats/dogs and did very well with the cat, however he was a little frightened of the dog. He is a timid cat.

The best home for Boog will be one that will help him lose the weight by continuing to feed him a metabolic diet,  a relatively calm home that will allow him to hang out in his  hiding places when he gets a little overwhelmed with life and can resist his very cute face and not feed him treats when he comes looking.

If you’d like to meet/adopt Boog, please contact the Chilliwack SPCA at 604-823-6612.

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