Michael Bublé is quite famous for inviting people up on stage to sing with him. Sometimes it’s amazing, other times… well it’s not. This time, it was AMAZING!

Want to know her secret to being spotted by Micahel out in the crowd…it wasn’t with the help of a genie, but through the help of her sixth graders!  Her students knew their teacher was going to the concert so they made her a sign.  On one side, they drew a picture of Michael and on the other side, they wrote, “Can you show me the world?”

Michael autographed the sign for Diana to give back to her students before singing their magical duet.   Just like Aaddin and Jasmine, the two sang a beautiful cover of A Whole New World, all they needed was a magic carpet! 


One of the most famous times Michael brought someone on stage was a few years ago when Sam’s mother ‘begged’ him to sing with her son. It went viral and here’s the video of that on stage encounter.


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