With a few weeks remaining before its inaugural tip-off, the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) unveils its championship trophy representing Canadian pride.


Like all sports, we know that every great season ends with an exciting championship game. And as a new professional basketball league, the CEBL writes history by officially unveiling its championship trophy that 6 Canadian teams will battle for, starting May 9, with hopes of being the first ever CEBL champion, this summer.


The CEBL championship trophy was designed and made by Protocole-Trophies of Exception in Montreal, a famed trophy design firm. It pushed the boundaries in terms of complexity and it’s the first trophy of its kind that literally reflects the true passion for basketball in Canada. “My inspiration was to emphasize the very moment that generates instant pride in Basketball when the ball passes through the hoop. To capture something truly special.” says Jean-Philippe Caron, Chief Creating Officer of Protocole.


The task of developing a legendary trophy takes hundreds of hours and complex engineering so it can proudly stand beside other iconic awards around the world.


Mike Morreale, CEO of the CEBL stated “it’s an exciting moment when you work with an amazing team to craft a trophy that captures the essence of our game and our country.  We are literally writing history together and the journey has been inspiring to think that in a few weeks six cities will be battling it out for the title of CEBL Champions.”


Representing Canadian pride, the championship trophy takes the conceptual shape of a peach basket, tying into our history of the sport, while the outer layer is comprised of 45 Canadian maple leaves made with anodized aluminum. It weighs in at 27 lbs and will be seen in each city over April and May.


At these events, the public can view the trophy, explore the world of the CEBL and meet the people bringing together professional basketball in Canada. It will be fun-filled season, so come celebrate the new basketball experience.


Check out cebl.ca for more information and tickets.

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