Music heals. Whether it’s a broken heart or a health issue. Music will always be the best medicine.

Meet Baby Billy.

Billy is 7 months old, and was born with a compromised immune system. Billy has had numerous bone marrow transplants, and has had a lengthy hospital stay.

Billy’s Mom would sing songs to distract the little one. A nurse brought in a CD player for the family. Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty came over the speakers and calmed little Billy down.

Christine Sifnaios is a music therapist. She would visit Billy, and would play a special version of Free Fallin’ with the guitar and rainstick. She reworked the song, and called it ‘Billy’s Free Playin’. 

It’s helped Billy so much, that the little one is at full health, and back home with his family.

Music changes everything.

(Source: Milwaukee Journal)


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