Bublé the music special aired on Citytv, and the show is getting rave reviews.

Michael Bublé chatted with People Magazine about the special:

“This is musically and biographically a walk through my life. This is a story of a kid whose family’s love gave him an armor. When I went out into the world and try to tackle it, I realized no matter how much additional armor I wore, what kind of suits they put on me or what kind of power that I got, I realized through my life I was still just that kid. The armor that I had was the armor that my family has given me. Music is a great part of this, the performances are fun and electric, great. But the reality is, it’s just a story of a normal kid who had a dream.”

The entire soundtrack is now available for download at your music download app or Spotify!

Reprise Records also released select tracks to be available on YouTube!




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