It’s all about the simple things in life, they mean so much.

A new study has been released looking at the little pleasures in life.

Some ideas for you! It definitely puts things into perspective!

Here’s the top 20:

  1. Drinking wine.
  2. Being home to watch my favorite TV shows.
  3. Home-cooked meal.
  4. Going shopping for myself.
  5. Reading a book.
  6. A sweet treat. (Dessert/Baked Goods)
  7. Date night with my partner.
  8. Happy hour with friends.
  9. Taking a leisurely walk outside.
  10. Putting fresh sheets on my bed.
  11. Massage.
  12. Dark chocolate.
  13. Ordering takeout.
  14. The smell of fresh laundry.
  15. Watching sports.
  16. Taking a day off work to do nothing/staycation.
  17. Fresh towels.
  18. Talking on the phone with my best friend.
  19. Reading a magazine.
  20. Spraying on some perfume. 

Source: SWNS

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