Today we heard about Sabina. She is a four month old Dutch rabbit. Sabina is completely litter box trained, spayed, has a tattoo and microchip. She has  been vaccinated against the rabbit hemorrhagic disease.  

Sabina is a very sassy, spunky rabbit and loves nothing more than to run around all day long and investigate and snoop into everything she sees.  Sabina is not a big fan of other rabbits,  but could possibly live well with a cat providing the right introductions are done.   The Chilliwack shelter is looking for a home for Sabina that is willing to continue to have her as a indoor rabbit. She would fit in great with any type of family,  basically she is just like having a very small dog around.

If you’d like to meet/adopt Sabina, please contact the Chilliwack SPCA at 604-823-6612.

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