Meet one year old Raptor. He thinks he is still a tiny puppy, and hasn’t yet learned his true size.

Raptor came from a home with other dogs, and loved to play with them, however he has not had much socialization with other animals. As a result, he may need to be the only dog in the home, unless slow, proper introductions are performed.

Raptor needs work with his basic training, as well as his leash manners. He is an extremely energetic boy, however he is very motivated and eager to learn. Positive reinforcement training will greatly benefit him and turn him into a well behaved boy.

Raptor loves being outside running around and playing with his toys, so a big fenced in yard would be the best fit for him.

If you’d like to meet/adopt Raptor, please contact the Chilliwack SPCA at 604-823-6612.

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