KFC is not only finger-lickin’ good; it’s also knee-slappin’ funny! On Thursday, an eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed that the chicken chain follows a mere 11 people on the social media platform: all five Spice Girls and six random guys named Herb. And if you’ve ever seen a KFC commercial, you know that the company prides itself on its poultry’s secret blend of “11 herbs and spices.“ “I need time to process this,“ Twitter user @edgette22 wrote after making the amazing discovery. The news has since gone viral, with other Twitter users giving props for KFC’s bit of understated hilarity. “The person that runs the KFC account needs a raise…GIVE THEM A RAISE,“ one person tweeted, while another Twitter user wrote, “Now at least we know the spice-to-herb ratio in the secret KFC recipe.“


Well played, anonymous social media intern: KFC’s Twitter account only follows 11 Herbs and Spice Girls HERE

Someone Has Discovered KFC Only Follows 11 “Herbs And Spices“ On Twitter And Lmao HERE


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