TORONTO — The Boss has been added to the lineup for next month’s Invictus Games closing ceremony in Toronto.

Bruce Springsteen will join Bryan Adams, Bachman and Turner, Kelly Clarkson and Coeur de pirate at the Sept. 30 showcase.

The multi-sport competition was founded by Prince Harry as a way to inspire and motivate wounded soldiers on their paths to recovery.

The Sept. 23 opening ceremony will feature performances by Alessia Cara, Sarah McLachlan and the Tenors.

Springsteen, who is preparing to launch a Broadway show in New York in the fall, says it will be an “honour and a privilege” to perform for the athletes at the Games.

There will be 550 competitors from 17 countries coming to Toronto to compete in 12 sports, including track and field, swimming and, in a first for the Invictus Games, golf.

Sporting event tickets cost $25 and both opening and closing ceremony tickets start at $60.

“At the Invictus Games, it’s not just about the hurdles that competitors experienced during competition, but about overcoming the obstacles that life has presented them,” Springsteen said in a release Monday.

“The Games are a remarkable opportunity for brothers and sisters in arms to join forces and demonstrate the true strength of their spirit.”

The Canadian Press