One of the most hyped performances at this year’s Grammy Awards was the collaberation between Metallica and Lady Gaga. Was it going to be amazing? Was it going to be a total train wreck?

It ended up being audio issues that really overshaded the performance of “Moth Into Flame.” James Hetfield, the lead singer of Metallica’s, microphone wasn’t working meaning we missed him entirely on his solo lines and when he finally ditched his mic to share Gaga’s, her vocals overpowered his lower tones.

But now we can listen to what we were supposed to hear! The web feed of the broadcast – posted by Metallica fan site RoLoad’s Facebook page – carried James Hetfield’s mic.

And if you’re wondering what happened, TMZ reported a stagehand accidently unplugged the Metallica frontman’s mic. Whoops.

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