Picking the song for your Daddy/Daughter wedding dance is almost harder than choosing your first dance as a couple. Utah bride, 25-year-old Mikayla Ellison, and her father, Nathan, decided to surprise everyone with a 4-minute mashup of songs that meant a lot to the two of them, and it is awesome.

Before Mikayla married her best friend, Cody Phillips, on October 8th, she and her dad spent a few week practicing their choreography.

“Every night [in the week] prior to the wedding we’d run through it a few times,” Mikayla told ABC news. “I think since we’d talked about it for years that it was pretty easy for it to come together.”

“I’m the oldest and the only girl so that was my dad’s only chance to do something like this. The most fun thing was seeing my dad and how happy he was.”

The dance started out so sweet and traditional with “Butterfly Kisses”, a daddy/daughter dance standard. But when M.C. Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” kicks in, you can tell by the crowd reaction they definitely caught everyone by surprise!

A little twist too.

Mikayla is a trained dancer who met her husband as dance partners on the International Folk Dance Ensemble at Brigham Young University. So the expectation was probably that the newlyweds would be the ones surprising everyone with their dancing prowess.

Instead it was her dad, who works in sales and computer technology, who delighted everyone with his moves!

BF Film & Photo, who filmed the video, has Nathan saying, “NEVER PASS UP A CHANCE TO DANCE WITH YOUR DAUGHTER!”

Love it.

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