The Weeknd is giving fans a tease of his next album and signs that he’s shed his trademark hairdo.

The Toronto-raised musician shared the artwork for “Starboy” on his social media accounts on Wednesday, but stopped short of revealing details about a release date or a first single.

The cover hints the singer could be backing away from the gothic imagery of his most recent hit release, “Beauty Behind the Madness,” in favour of a look that evokes the stylings of Quentin Tarantino movie posters.

In the shot, the Weeknd is basked in blue light against a vibrant red background, with a large crucifix hanging from his neck.

He’s also missing his famous dreadlocks in favour of a shorter haircut.

The photograph was shot by Nabil, who has worked with the singer in the past and filmed music videos for Frank Ocean and K’naan.

The Weeknd, born Abel Tesfaye, was reportedly working in the studio with French electronic duo Daft Punk over the summer, although it’s unclear if that project is related to his own album.

Last week, the Weeknd offered a few cryptic clues about his plans with a message on Instagram saying: “This is my last post before the new era.”

He also tweeted emojis of fall leaves and an hourglass, which some interpreted as signs of a fall release for his next project.

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David Friend, The Canadian Press