Gaining weight the first year of college or university is so common it has it’s own nickname: the Freshman 15 (though, only gaining 15 pounds may be on the lower end of the estimate for a lot of folk.) Studies show that students on average gain 3 to 10 pounds during their first 2 years of college. And most of that weight gain occurs right away, during the first semester of freshman year.

It only takes an extra 144 calories per day for you to gain 15 pounds

Face it, i’s the first time away from home for a lot of people. The first time cooking for yourself. The first time you’re responsible for managing your life and your schedule, with no help from your parents.
(The beer and happy hour priced appies don’t help the situation)

While 15 pounds doesn’t sound like a huge deal, doctors worry that students who gradually put on pounds are setting a pattern of weight gain that could actually follow you the rest of your life!

This video from PictureFit recommends a bunch of tips to avoid packing on those pounds.

1) Avoid snacking during class
2) Avoid energy drinks
3) Use smaller plates & bowls in the cafeteria
4) Make time for exercise
5) Try to avoid booze

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