BCHLThe Chilliwack Chiefs will head across the border a few times next season, as the BCHL adds a new expansion team in Wenatchee.

Chilliwack Chiefs president Glen Ringdal says the team will work to make sure all of the players on the squad have their passports.

“That’s our coaches job is to communicate with the kids and with their families to make sure they have all the documentation. Because that can be a problem if somebody isn’t up to snuff when they go across the border, it can hold the whole team up and have serious consequences.”

Ringdal says the Wenatchee Wild will play in the Chiefs division this season but that could change in future seasons depending on what the league governors decide.

Ringdal says he hopes a new team will allow the league to balance divisions and avoid the three team semi final round robin format.

“I hope so. That’s going to be a big topic of discussion at our board meetings this week. Because I think most of us weren’t happy with the way that the round robin went.”

Ringdal notes attendance for the round robin was up 21% compared to last season, but says that might just be because of the high quality of hockey this season.