waterThe news of Chilliwack winning  Best Tap Water award from the  B.C. Water and Waste Association has generated some mixed opinions from residents regarding the quality of the taste, but the City’s director of operations says they weren’t surprised by the win.

Glen MacPherson says despite the fact that the City chlorinates the water, they’re working from a superb source, and says the competition was against other communities who also chlorinate their water.

As for the differing opinions among residents regarding the taste, MacPherson says there may be differences in chlorine levels depending on the neighborhood.

“We chlorinate the water down in the Sardis aquafir, at the actual wells. So as the water travels through the system that chlorine does actually get less and less. So people typically living at the very north end of the community or out towards Rosedale will have a lesser chlorine taste than people living in south Sardis.”

MacPherson says if you want to get rid of the taste, you can either put a filter on your tap, or you can just put a jug in the fridge overnight and let the chlorine dissipate.