transmountain pipelineIf the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion gets approved, there should at least be something in it for the cities it runs through, right?
Today, Chilliwack council will consider a Memorandum of Understanding with Kinder Morgan to be part of their Community Benefits Program. It basically means if the project is approved, Chilliwack would see funding to use for a park or trail project. The city says they would use that money to pay for a $1 million pedestrian bridge over the Vedder River. That said, the city is adament this doesn’t mean they support the pipeline expansion, and will continue to work with the FVRD to ensure residents concerns are addressed. One critic though, the WaterWealth Project, are concerned that because Chilliwack is a commenter for the NEB hearing process, and hasn’t submitted its comments yet, this looks an awful lot like bribery.