popkum scene1 popkum scene2The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is taking the lead in an investigation where it is believed that several members of one family, including the suspect, are deceased.

Sergeant Stephanie Ashton with the Integrated Homicide Team says they’re dealing with two separate crime scenes and the investigation is complex.

Yesterday at 3 PM RCMP in Langley found out through Facebook that a man from Agassiz had harmed his family members, believed to be his wife, sister, and daughter.

Upon further investigation also through Facebook they discovered a second location of concern in the the 10000 block of Llanberis Way in the Popkum area.

Members of several response teams including ERT cordoned off the area and tried to contact a man inside.

Just after 7 PM the house went up in flames, the cause of which is still unknown.

Ashton can’t confirm the number of people who are dead, nor their identities, nor the motive at this time.

They still haven’t been inside the burned out house and hope to glean more information when that happens.

Ashton declined to comment on an alleged confession letter posted online that may be related to the crime scenes.