20150507_110603[1]Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz is leveling criticism at Aevitas for how the company handled its application for a waste recycling facility near the Fraser River.

Aevitas announced earlier this week that because of the number of hurdles they were facing they wouldn’t be going ahead with the project

Gaetz says Aevitas should have done more consultation with the public so that they would be better informed for the public hearing process.

She says the facility is still needed in the area and hopes someone will come forward to build one somewhere in the region.

Lina Azeez from the Watershed Watch Salmon Society believes that the City of Chilliwack should play a bigger role when it comes to community engagement on projects like the Aevitas waste recycling plant.

“I don’t think she can put the blame solely, squarely on the company. They are from Ontario, they’re from outside our province. They don’t know how things are done here. If anything they should have been given proper guidance from the City.”

Azeez says she’s happy that the project won’t go ahead on the Cannor road lands near the Fraser River, but is disappointed Aevitas decided to not look for an alternate site.