volunteering-230x179The Volunteer Network Group of the Upper Fraser Valley is hosting a volunteer symposium at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre on April 16th.

It’s a part of National Volunteer Week, and organizer Theresia Reid says apart from showing appreciation for local volunteers, the symposium will also provide some training workshops on different topics.

“Being part of a team, being a volunteer and part of a team. The diversity in volunteering. Boundaries and being a volunteer. Expectations, your expectations of the group you’re volunteering for and the expectations that the group has for the volunteer. As well as a seminar on self care for the volunteers.”

Reid says one of the things a lot of volunteers need help with is establishing boundaries.

“Learning when to be able to say no is one thing. So making sure that the group that you are volunteering for isn’t taking advantage of you. But on the other side making sure that you’re respecting the boundaries of the group that you are volunteering for so you’re not speaking on behalf of them when you shouldn’t be.”

It’s 10 dollars to sign up, which includes lunch, and people interested in going can get more information by getting in touch with Volunteer Chilliwack or by calling 604-793-7203.