Often, someone suffering from a mental illness will be cast aside…in this case, people are trying to help, and this is a story that will hopefully have a positive outcome. The Gore brothers, a family of developers in Chilliwack, have arranged a house swap with Pauline Jollymour and her son Gary to help with Gary’s hoarding problem.
The brothers have taken possession of Pauline and Gary’s townhouse on Mayfair Avenue and are cleaning out years worth of accumulated trash so they can put it on the market, and in return they’ve bought a townhouse on Woodbine avenue.
Tony Gore says they’re trying to help make sure that the pair doesn’t end up with the same problem all over again.

“We’ve been letting them try it out, slowly… they’re staying a night here, a night there. Things were starting to pile up a little bit.  I went over there and cleaned it out the first time.  But I had a chat with him (Gary) and now when I tell him I’m going over there, he has the place spic and span.”

Gary suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, which has led to the hoarding. Pauline, who is 93 years old, says they’ve been in the house on Mayfair for 21 years but it only got bad in the past 4 years, when she says her declining health meant she could no longer keep the issue in check. Gore says the family is also getting support from volunteers, friends, and Fraser Health.

Simpson Notaries have waived the legal fees, and TD Bank waived the processing fees.  Once it’s cleaned out and renovated, the Gores’ sister, realtor Jill Hall, will list the Mayfair house, and sell it with no commission.