Love this! It’s a video mashup-up of pictures from Lisa Werner who traveled to a few European cites in 1986-87 and has re-created the pictures from her original trip 30 years later! Here’s her description of the video:

“I just returned from a trip to Europe, where I was following my brother and his daughter as they bicycled along the Rhine River. They pedaled from Switzerland to Amsterdam. I met them halfway in France and tried to locate where I had previously taken photos from when I lived in Germany as a student studying German language from September, 1986 – May, 1987. I was limited to living out of a small backpack for a couple of weeks. I had minimal clothing options and certainly no room for a curling iron, lipstick, etc. Unfortunately I only scanned 13 photos before I left on my adventure. I easily found all 13 exact locations and spent about one to two minutes setting up and taking each iPhone photo. I felt like I was on a fun Easter egg hunt and was sad when I found my last location in Cologne. I should have scanned more photos before I left. I was 27 years old back then and now I’m 57. I hope to return to these same locations when I’m 87. :)”