A group calling themselves the Chilliwack Salmon Feedlot Boycott Movement is hoping to use the power of the consumer to get rid of Atlantic salmon feedlots.
Spokesperson Eddie Gardner says the feedlots are dangerous to the natural marine environment, pouring diseases and feces into the waterways.

“We’ve been fighting to get the feedlots removed from the waters for 20 years and not one feedlot has been removed yet.  So we need to re-intensify our efforts.”

According to their website, “These feedlots operate as intensive livestock grow-outs in the ocean with up to a million fish raised on a single site. Factory salmon are fed colourants to turn their grey flesh pink and given antibiotics and de-lousing drugs to fight disease and parasites. There are no barriers for disease, viruses, bacteria and lice between salmon feedlots and the surrounding environment.”

Gardner says if stores like Walmart and Superstore take part in a boycott it might make a difference.

“The power of consumer choice is quite real.  And if we can remove the demand, then maybe we can drive those open net feedlots out of the water.”

Gardner says they want big box stores to stop stocking the farmed salmon and they’ll be rallying at the Walmart in Chilliwack today at noon.